Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Today I'm writing this update for Judie... 

Let me give you a little bit of background (not too much, though - saving lots of details for the book!)...

When my husband Matt was killed in 2008, I was put in touch with Judie by a good friend of mine in hopes of connecting with him. We were fortunate that he was able to come through very strong, and has again so many times throughout my friendship with Judie. She gave me so many details that no one but he could have known (of course, she doesn't take any credit for that - HE is the one coming through with the details!). What an amazing gift I've been blessed with - to know that the love of my life is always with me and our two young children. He not only has given us this gift through Judie, but every once in a while when he comes through during one of Judie's and my conversations, it's just as much of a gift to Judie, too; letting her know he is still so strongly present helps reinforce Judie's confidence in what she does, and also gives her the encouragement to keep moving forward with her book. She told me that Matt made her start believing in herself again today, and that he is "a big part of our story." What a beautiful thing! 

Nine months after his death, I moved from NYS to California. During one of our cross-country telephone conversations, he cuts in. Judie got quiet for a moment and said, "Matt is showing me a brown teddy bear, and a wooden duck.

Matt's mom made a brown teddy bear that I'd been keeping on my bed, and the wooden duck was a carved box that Matt had forever, which was also in my bedroom, which is where I was when I was talking to her on the phone. He also showed her the silver heart necklace Sydney always wore at that time (she's since lost it, unfortunately).  

Then he showed her that he was wearing an orange t-shirt. She asked me, "What's the significance of the orange t-shirt??" That cracked me up!! Matt had an orange t-shirt that fit him a little tighter than the other t-shirts he wore, and between that (because showed off his muscles) and the fact he looked awesome in orange, it was a shirt that I loved on him. He would put that on, and I would look at him and say, "Oh baby!!" Haha! He enjoyed that as much as I did, and it was pretty cool that he showed that to Judie so she could tell me. He also told her that it wasn't a glass wall in my dream.  He was referring to the first dream I had of him after he died... 

In this dream, I was in a large room the size of a warehouse with a bunch of people, and the room was divided by what appeared to be a wall of glass. Matt was on one side of the glass with some people, and I was on the other side with some people. I was desperately trying to get his attention - yelling, jumping up and down and waving my arms, but he was looking down at his hands working on something intently, although I couldn't tell what he was doing. Nothing I did could get him to look my way. Finally, totally exasperated, I asked someone near me, "WHY is he not looking at me?!" and she said, "Because he's on the other side- he can't see you from there." Then I thought, "Oh My God. It really is over between us" like we had broken up or something. I cried so hard in my sleep that I woke up sobbing uncontrollably. It was then that I really felt the separation between us for the first time. 

Matt told Judie that it wasn't glass - it's a substance that he showed Judie to look like a gelatin wall. He demonstrated this by pushing his hand against it. Judie could actually see his hand, and what it looked like when he pushed against the gelatin wall - the imprint it made from his fingers as he pressed on it. She could see him pushing on the wall, and me on the other side of it.

She asked him, "How am I doing this? How can I see you and Andrea at the same time?" He let her know that she is able to have her mind be in both places at once. Then she said, "Write this down, Andrea - I'm not sure what he's saying or what it means, but he just said the words 'electromagnetic fusion' to me - what is that?" Ha! Hell if I know! Neither one of us are mechanical engineers, so we were both pretty stumped by it.  Later on, Judie asked her friend who happens to be an engineer what it means, and he explained that it's a transference of energy.

Leave it to Matt to get into the science of it. =P

What a hugely significant reading for both Judie and I. She said she's never had an experience quite like that one. Of course, it would be my husband that was responsible for that - he is just as amazing in spirit as he was in life... 

When I was talking to her yesterday on the phone, Matt came through again. She asked me if my son Jacob had a tough moment recently regarding Matt's loss (he's 10 now). I told her yes... Jacob and I were discussing our next door neighbor's son who is close to his age. He is mean to Jacob and Sydney (my daughter who is 7) and Jacob calls him his "enemy." I told Jacob that we don't have any enemies, and that he needs to realize that this poor kid is the way he is because he has a sad life. Jacob said, "SO DO I!" That kind of took me back for a moment, and I had to think hard before I reacted. I explained to him that even though he lost his daddy, we have a wonderful life - everything we need and a home filled with love. It's awful that we lost daddy, but we are blessed in so many other ways.

Matt reminded me (through Judie) not to minimize Jacob's loss. That's something I didn't even realize I was doing, but now that my attention has been brought to it, I have been - with both kids, even though I understand that anyone going through this needs to have their moment and wallow in it. Not for too long, but to feel it completely and get it out instead of repressing it. He gave a message for Jacob: "I'm still there, Buddy!" He always called Jacob "Buddy" - amazing. Thank you, My Love!! And thank you, Judie!!! 

I will end this here because I could go on forever, but we wanted to share with you just a little snippet. Thank you for reading! =)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

There IS a difference...

I have encountered many interesting people recently, and one in particular jogged an old memory of a woman who requested a reading from me many years ago. 

It surprised me when she brought her husband along, and when I began the reading, she took my hand and tried to - well, what I would say is to read ME. She started talking about things pertaining to witchcraft, requesting that I visit their house on a full moon and do inappropriate things, and things pertaining to witchcraft. I immediately drew my hand away from her and said, "You requested a reading from me - I did not request one from you. And I do not ride the fence."

She wanted to know what I meant by that, and I explained it to her like this: 

"Either you are of God energy, or you are not. There is only one side or the other - no fence-riding. I am on the side of the light, and I will not take part of the other - never have and never will." 

So many people misunderstand the two, thinking they are the same. So many people believe that if you are a psychic reader that you are involved in witchcraft or the occult, but going into vision and reading is completely different from that. You cannot share in both things. You are either on one side of the fence or the other. If you start fence-riding, it's very easy to fall into darkness. I see no good coming from witchcraft. There are people that say they are "white witches" but that's like sticking your hand out to a snake and not expect to get bit. This is just my opinion, though. 

On a lighter note, I had a great weekend meeting many other interesting people, too!  When I am with a group, many times they will want me to do readings - sometimes I am comfortable with that, sometimes I am not. It requires a considerable amount of energy that I don't always have. When I do have the energy, I really enjoy helping to bring others peace by making a connection with a lost loved one. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Today when I was talking to my friend Andrea, we talked a little bit about her late husband Matt...

Matt was only 39 years old when he died... He was a great person in life, and like so many others, it seems that his passing has had such a significant effect on so many people and has taught so many lessons. 

One of those lessons: We should appreciate today.

Just because you're young, vital, intelligent and healthy, there are no guarantees. 

I wish people would appreciate the here and now because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not promised; we need to live in the present. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014


I received a call today to go to lunch with a very good friend of mine, and it really brought back memories from the first year we met, about thirty years ago. We had become acquainted when she hired me to do a group reading at the beauty shop she owned. Within a few months of our first meeting, she called me totally distraught because her daughter went missing. This was the first situation I ever worked on as a psychic investigator. 

This time of year reminds me of that very emotionally trying time, as I remember spending my birthday with them (early October) while they were searching for her. 

Her and her family have remained friends of my children and I for all these years since, and we have walked many miles together. Our journey has been long and sometimes tough, but they have been very helpful to my children and I over all these years. We have not just become close friends, but more like part of each other's family. 


I had such a wonderful experience last weekend... I was invited to visit my late ex-husband's family at a Labor Day party. He was the father of my four children, and even though he was my ex, it meant so very much to me to be included in their event. Both of my sons and my grandson played the music, and they played as well as they used to play in years past. My brother-in-law is an attorney, so there was an eclectic mix of people, and EVERYONE enjoyed the music - country, classic rock, etc. Everyone enjoyed each other's company, and I had the pleasure of watching my boys and my grandson having fun and enjoying themselves. Even though it rained all day, it was such a wonderful time! 

I do feel that life goes full circle. I have been through many different circumstances with them, but that day, it felt like it brought it all together for me. I was treated very well, I so appreciated being invited, and it was just how things used to be. That day it felt like it brought it all together for me, and seemed to bring it all full circle. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 3, 2014

Hi all, it's Andrea! I'm writing for Judie today, and while I was talking to her on the phone just a little while ago, she received a call from a woman she did a reading for a few years back (we'll call her "Kim"). Judie told Kim during that reading that her husband was going to have back pain, and that she should tell him that it's important that he go to the doctor.  

When Kim called Judie today, it was on her way home from the hospital so she could take a quick shower. She told Judie that her husband was having back pain and they weren't going to address it as important because they thought it was only indigestion. They were also ignoring it because they didn't have insurance, but then she remembered what Judie said years ago and her sense of urgency was raised. Her husband was having back pain. They had him checked out and it was discovered that he was having a heart attack and had to have stints put in. He's 47 years old... Kim called to thank Judie for what she told her during that reading because it possibly saved her husband's life. Please pray he has a quick, thorough recovery. 

Judie is hitting the road to Pennsylvania to visit her sweet 84 year old Aunt Jane who isn't doing so well. Aunt Jane vivaciously played the harmonica at Judie's last party in October and had an absolute blast. She is very musically talented and plays several different instruments, and Judie hadn't even known Aunt Jane played the harmonica until she busted it out on the stage for some wild entertainment! It was a moment that anyone who witnessed will never forget. =)