Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Another post by Andrea: 

Judie recently told me of a spontaneous reading she had done for another widow... It started out as a lunch between friends. When Judie was explaining it to me, she said, 

"Do you know how weird and scary it is to tell someone that their husband is standing behind them and is telling me things to tell her? I wasn't sure if she would cry and run out of the building, or haul off and hit me!" 

Haha!! I never really thought about it like that from her perspective!  

Her friend didn't do any of those things... As Judie spoke to her and gave her the messages that only her husband would have known, her eyes began to shine. She had been crying on and off throughout the day, and as soon as she told her some of the comforting words he gave, her friend's whole demeanor changed. She felt so much better, and it made Judie feel as though her friend can now go forward with a bit more peace.  

It's only natural that when a dear loved one of ours passes, we look for any kind of sign from them that their spirit is still with us. We long to see them in our dreams and wonder what they think about the things that are happening in our lives now, or if they even know what's going on in our lives. Many times things were left unsaid that we wish we had the chance to say, or that maybe they needed to say to us. The void can be palpable and agonizing. This is probably the number one reason someone is lead to have a reading done by a psychic medium. Others may not understand this desire to connect, and some may even fear it. 

In my case, the devastating loss of my young husband is what lead me to meet with Judie. I was fortunate that one of my friends knew her beforehand, since I didn't know anyone personally who had this ability. I was also fortunate that Judie is authentic and loving, and that my husband came through loud and clear. It doesn't always happen that way...
I'm going on six years of widowhood now, and have become acquainted with many other people during this time who have also experienced some kind of devastating loss. Some of them have expressed their disappointment at the lack of signs or dreams... I try to reassure them that It is possible they have received some but dismissed them as coincidences. I used to do that all the time, explaining everything away, and even questioning the validity of my dreams. I have since learned from Judie, and through prayer, that I need to keep a more open mind and heart. The more open I am, the more receptive I'll be to take notice of the things I would have just blown off as coincidence. I'm paying more attention, listening more quietly, and am not so quick to dismiss these things.

God communicates with us. Jesus communicates with us. He made us in His likeness, so it makes sense that our loved ones communicate with us as well. That's my belief, anyway. Keep your heart and mind open, and you'll get your signs. =)

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