Monday, October 27, 2014

Recent Readings

Post from Andrea:

A couple of weeks ago, Judie came out for a group reading at my house for three of my friends, and another friend who couldn't make it on that day went to her office a few days later. They all want to see her again - go figure! ;)

Friend #1 came downstairs beaming, and amazed by some of the things she was told. She received some very specific information. Judie asked her, "What is going on with the third son?" She also mentioned that he's a lot like his dad, and said he needs to change his attitude. She also said the man who is in her life now will be her next husband.

Friend #2 came downstairs with happy tears, thrilled to have been able to connect with her mom who passed when she was young. Her mother never had the opportunity to meet her children, and the messages she received from her made it clear that her mom really does see what's happening in their lives.

Friend #3 came downstairs also in tears from the touching messages she received. Judie told her she's very sensitive and that she should trust herself. She even told her she has two sons... She also told her that her grandfather who is in spirit walks with her and cares about her. Her boyfriend from long ago who had passed at a very young age came through as well. He apologized for being young and foolish (which lead to his passing). He said he "sits with the boy child" which is likely the baby boy she miscarried.  

I took Friend #4 to Judie's office a few days later. This friend lost her husband to cancer when her children were just babies. He told Judie about the charm bracelet he bought her, and even asked if she got a charm for it while she was in Disney (crazy specific)! She just returned from a trip to Disney World before her reading! Judie asked her what the connection was between her daughter and cows... My friend said that it's because her daughter's nickname is 'Maddy moo moo' since birth. Judie also told her that her son is very much like his dad, and will likely get into the field of electronics. 

These are obviously brief summaries of the readings that were done- I don't know all the details of each, but these are some of the things my friends were willing to share with me. 

I was also fortunate to have a reading done, and my late husband Matt wished me a Happy Birthday and showed Judie a mixed bouquet of fall-colored flowers. This confused me at first, until the next day on my actual birthday, I received a bouquet of flowers meeting that description from my brother! Matt also told Judie that he is content now, and that the children and I are in a good place. He sees me going to the Carolinas during the warm weather. Said there will be many changes. It was right about that point when my daughter Sydney knocked on the door of the room we were in. At that moment, Judie said she felt Matt's frustration at not being able to physically be here with the kids. She said he walks the house often. She mentioned that Jacob will be involved in something to do with space (he has talked about working for NASA for a long time already - I believe he can and will follow through with that), and she also said that Sydney will excel beyond our expectations, too. She said she sees me in a plain wedding gown, and the number three- could be three months or three years before I either meet the guy or something, but Matt said he will send him to me.

My friends were able to connect with some of the loved ones they had lost, and just knowing they are still with them and see what's happening in their lives brought them so much peace and comfort. It was a first reading for all but Friend #3 and myself, but it did exactly the same for us, too.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, Judie!

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