Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 3, 2014

Hi all, it's Andrea! I'm writing for Judie today, and while I was talking to her on the phone just a little while ago, she received a call from a woman she did a reading for a few years back (we'll call her "Kim"). Judie told Kim during that reading that her husband was going to have back pain, and that she should tell him that it's important that he go to the doctor.  

When Kim called Judie today, it was on her way home from the hospital so she could take a quick shower. She told Judie that her husband was having back pain and they weren't going to address it as important because they thought it was only indigestion. They were also ignoring it because they didn't have insurance, but then she remembered what Judie said years ago and her sense of urgency was raised. Her husband was having back pain. They had him checked out and it was discovered that he was having a heart attack and had to have stints put in. He's 47 years old... Kim called to thank Judie for what she told her during that reading because it possibly saved her husband's life. Please pray he has a quick, thorough recovery. 

Judie is hitting the road to Pennsylvania to visit her sweet 84 year old Aunt Jane who isn't doing so well. Aunt Jane vivaciously played the harmonica at Judie's last party in October and had an absolute blast. She is very musically talented and plays several different instruments, and Judie hadn't even known Aunt Jane played the harmonica until she busted it out on the stage for some wild entertainment! It was a moment that anyone who witnessed will never forget. =) 

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